1. Understand state laws and rules:

Our Lexington Nails LLC has been knowledgeable, successful, and responsible professional learn about the types of infections in  the salon, the chemistry of the products that we use, and we use good products to keep our Nail Technician, our clients, and our Salon environment safe.

Our Nail Technology understanding the basics of cleaning and disinfecting and following Sanitary Rules and Regulations in South Carolina.

Our Lexington Nails LLC following:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)was created as part of the U.S Department of Labor to regulate and enforce safety and health standards to protect employees in the workplace.
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)contains information compiled by  a manufacturer about its product, including names of potentially hazardous ingredients, safe use and handling procedures, precautions to reduce the risk of accidental harm or overexposure, flammability warnings, useful disposal guidelines, and medical and first aid information should it ever be needed for any reason.

Lexington Nails LLC has been obtain a MSDS from the product manufacturers or distributors for each professional product that we use. We download them from the product manufacturer’s or the distributor’s Web site.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): registers all types of disinfectants sold and used in the United States.

Hospital and tuberculocidal are two type that used in Salons.

1.Hospital disinfectants: are effective for cleaning blood and body fluids in hospitals and on nonporous surfaces in the salon, thus controlling the spread of disease.
2.Tuberculocidal disinfectants: 

are proven to kill the bacteria that causes tuberculosis a disease that is caused by bacteria that in only transmitted through coughing, which is more difficult to kill.