Hand Massage Techniques


1.Relaxer movement. Place the client's elbow on a cushion covered with a clean towel. The worker holds the client's wrist and bends it back and forth slowly, 5 to 10 times, making the client relaxed.

2.Joint movement on fingers. Gently rotate fingers to form circles. Work toward the thumb about three to five times on each finger.

3. Circular movement in the palm. This is effleurage light stroking that relaxes and soothes. In the client's palm, rotate in a circular movement in opposite directions.

4.Cirular movement on the wrist. Hold the clients with both hands, worker placing thumbs on top of client's hand, using fingers below the hand and using thumbs in. circular movement in opposite directions from the client's wrist to the knuckle on the back of the client's hand. Move up and down, three to five times. Gently twisting in opposite directions to rotate up wring the client's wrist by bracing hands around the wrist. This is a form of friction massage movent that is a deep rubbing action and very stimulating.

5.Circular movement on the back of hand and fingers.



Foot Massage Techniciques


1. Relaxer movement to joints of the foot. using the right hand to hold the left foot just beneath the toes and rotate the foot in a circular motion.

2. Effleurage on top of the foot. using both thumbs on top of the foot at the instep.

using thumbs in circular movements in opposite directions down the center of the top of the foot. continue this movement to the toes. keep one hand in contact with foot or leg, slide one hand at a time back firmly to the instep and rotate back down to toes. This is a good relaxing movement.

3 Effleurage on the heel ( bottom of the foot). using thumb movement and the previous massage start at the base of the toes and move from the ball of the foot to the heel, rotating thumbs in opposite directions. Slide hands back to the top of the foot.

4. Effleurage movement on toes. Start with the little toe, using the thumb on top and the index finger on the bottom of the foot. Hold each toe and rotate with the thumb. start at the base of the toe and work toward the end of the toes.

5.Joint movement for toes. Start with the little toe and make a figure eight for each toe.

6. Thumb movement friction movement. Pressure with thumb and move fist up the heel toward the ball of the foot. work from the left side of the foot and back down the right side toward the heel. check for any nodules or bumps have to be very gentle the area may be tender. This movement stimulates the blood flow and increases circulation.

7. Metatarsal scissors ( a petrissage massage movement kneading). On top of the foot along with the metatarsal bones with the thumb underneath the foot. Knead up and down along each bone by raising thumb and lower fingers to apply pressure. This promotes flexibility and stimulates blood flow. Repeat.


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